Media links

Social media has become a powerful force in how businesses connect with customers. Businesses that use social media successfully increase brand awareness, engage customers in feedback and support, shape brand identity, generate leads and ultimately increase sales.

These 4 links are great resources for businesses to get started and build an effective presence in social media:

Social Media Examiner highlights 5 examples of ecommerce websites that utilized social media to convincing results. You can pick up on some great strategies that will help retain an audience, increase engagement and brand loyalty using facebook, youtube and twitter.

5 Ways Online Businesses Are Succeeding With Social Media

Awareness, inc. posted this great infographic entitled, “Killer Strategies to Help You Dominate The Big Three.” In it they provide guidelines for using facebook, twitter, and youtube to improving social reach, identify top influencers and applying analytics  to see what works.

5 Killer Strategies to Dominate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Mashable created a post on how to get the most out of your business Facebook page. They provide a lot of detail and tips on creating and implementing a more effective facebook strategy.


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